Travelling North 18-19 May 17

2 Due to no bicycle spaces being available on some of our intended train route north, we’ve driven.  This worked out well:  via Powis Castle, we stopped at Cartmel with Bill and Neil overnight and then (fortuitously) we were able to force ourselves on Allan and Cathy’s hospitality for lunch in Bishopton.

Late spring colours abounded – lush greens and colourful meadows.  Even the darkening clouds around Oban added value.  Oban is a transit place, and all the better for it.  A cacophony of different accents and languages recognising islands are made up of migrants.  And smells you can’t bottle:  sea side fish’n’chips; victorian stone closes; shell fish stalls.

So we await tomorrow’s ferry to Barra in a great wee traditional noisy friendly pub under our hostel, Markie Dans. Might even take in a folly…..